DGBVN 2020

Peace and Freedom

The largest band in the Netherlands has been postponed to a date to be determined due to the COVID-19 virus. We will keep you informed about all developments. Thank you for your understanding!

Since the year 2020 marks the 775th anniversary of the city of Haarlem and the theme will be Peace and Freedom (75 years since the celebration of the end of the occupation by Nazi Germany) this edition will be huge!

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Would you like to participate?

Once we have a sufficient number of subscriptions for the instruments in your section, the option to apply for this specific instrument will disappear.

Songwriter Challenge

Pop song for Haarlem

As opposed to London, Paris, Rome and New York the city of Haarlem does not have its own pop song. As of yet! Therefore we invite all song writers to come up with a special pop song that truly reflects the spirit of our city.

It should meet the following requirements: the song should be uptempo, we don’t accept covers and it should be written in either English or Dutch. An expert jury will select the three best songs and the songwriters of those songs will be invited for the final. The winning song will be performed by DGBVN.